Charisma Gets Hardcore With Some Guy

Whoever this dude is, I’m totally jealous of him.  Charisma Carpenter split from her husband of five years in 2007, and I’m surprised they lasted that long, seeing as the guy was just a bellhop when he met Charisma.  Well, maybe she doesn’t care about the success of her significant other (a bonus for us), but only about his performance in bed.  Because these photos show that she’s not wasting any time in getting some hot n’ sweaty fucking, without any relationship needed to complicate things.  Yeah, Charisma Carpenter just wants some cock deep in her smooth cunny, pleasuring her while she tries to heat up her career once more.  We’ve got a suggestion for her, and that’s for her to do porn!  That way, she can get a lot of attention and publicity, while at the same time, get some really fantastic fucking into her life.  Don’t you think that’s a great idea?  I’m sure you do, and these pics show that Charisma would be great at it if she chose to do porn.  She obviously loves cock, so that ought to be the next step, logically.

Ah, but these Hollywood babes just don’t follow logic sometimes.  Still, Charisma Carpenter nude and doing dirty things isn’t something that doesn’t exist, and you can check her out fulfilling your fantasies there on that link back there, right now!

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