Charisma Carpenter Nude

Charisma Carpenter and the role she’s best known for share the same initials.  But while Cordelia Chase of Sunnydale High was a spoiled, rich brat, Charisma Carpenter is as hard-working an actress as you’ll find out there.  Charisma was born in Las Vegas, to a property manager and a salesman, and her sultry looks are the result of a mixture of Cherokee, Spanish, and Irish blood.  Her family eventually moved to San Diego, and she worked there after graduating from the Chula Vista School of the Creative and Performing Arts, eventually ending up as a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers in 1991.  The following year, she moved to Los Angeles.

Like other Hollywood success stories, Charisma took the waiting tables route of making money while she was out in La-La Land, and that’s where she was eventually discovered by a commercial agent.  She eventually appeared in more than twenty commercials and in some theatrical productions during that time,  then made her first television appearance on an episode of “Baywatch“.

When “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” was in pre-production during 1997, Charisma auditioned for the title role, but was cast as the bitchy rival-turned-ally instead.  The role proved a good fit and with the success and cult-following of the show, Charisma was able to turn it into a seven-year run, with three seasons on “Buffy” and four years on the spin-off starring David Boreanaz, “Angel”.  And even while she was written off the series after the fourth season, she came back for the 100th episode of “Angel” the year after.

Since then , Charisma’s been busy appearing as a guest star or recurring character on other TV shows like “Charmed”, “Veronica Mars” and Greek.  You can also could have seen Charisma Carpenter nude in the June 2004 issue of Playboy!  As for films, it’s mostly been Original Films for cable channels like Lifetime (“Flirting With Danger” and “Cheaters’ Club”) and the Sci-Fi Network (“House of Bones”) for her, with “Relative Chaos”, an ABC TV movie with Nicholas Brendon, her co-star on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” also in there somewhere.

Now that she’s raising her son, who was born in 2003, Charisma has added another layer of hotness to her, as a bonafide MILF.  That means we can enjoy fantasizing about her again like we do when we watch our complete “Buffy” and “Angel” DVD compilations.  Whether you’ve still got a thing for her cheerleader phase (in real life and on “Buffy”), or as a more mature actress, Charisma Carpenter Nude is the site to check out to enjoy this brunette hottie at her raunchiest!