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Charisma Carpenter deepthroats massive dick

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

True to her name, Charisma Carpenter can easily catch men’s attention using her, well, charisma. She’s quite effortless being a part of their cheerleading squad and being their team captain for her entire stay in junior high. And it’s with this fact that she got hold of various kinds of cocks and ended up choosing the biggest of them all. She looks like one tough cookie on cam when in front of paparazzi but if you got the gun, she will surrender easily and take it inside her however rough you want.

Skanky Charisma Carpenter sucks cock like a pro

This hardcore deepthroating leaked clip of hers shows how lucky she is to be like some magnet for hung dudes and actually have all the energy to eat the entire thing until it makes her gag and drool. She admits that the sensation of having such big dick down her throat is the best feeling, which can make her reach hard orgasm without even touching herself. Choosing the biggest and meatiest cock is one of her specialties since she was a teen and these men only wanted her filthy mouth to fuck each time they wanted some rough blowjob action.

Charisma Carpenter Fucking Around The House

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Now here is a photo series worth masturbating over if you have the hots for Charisma Carpenter!  We’re just showing two pics from her hardcore sessions, but they’re enough to get you hard and creaming in your underwear.  They show Charisma getting hot and heavy with some lucky guy in various place around the house and you can bet that it was hardcore heaven for this horny girl!

You can catch her fuckathon as its about midway through by the pool.  You can see that Charisma’s already naked here, so the sex marathon’s been going on for quite some time, though the guy’s still got his shorts on humping her on the beach chair.  Then in the second pic we see the end of their session together, as Charisma’s face is all covered with cum over in the music room.  Man that must have been one hell of an orgasm for this dude!  Charisma’s one of the hottest brunettes in Hollywood, and I can’t wait to see her on TV again!

But of course I’d rather see her hardcore escapades during her spare time on this website, wouldn’t you?

Hot Lesbian Sessions With Other Buffy Babes

Friday, February 27th, 2009

It’s something we’ve all been thinking about ever since “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” came into our lives.  That means it’s been around a decade that we’ve been asking ourselves: “Don’t those hot babes on Buffy ever get turned on by each other?”  It’s still a very relevant question these days, with Joss Whedon‘s continuation of the Buffy saga in graphic novel form, and his storyline showing Buffy having a lesbian encounter with another Slayer.  Yum!  Imagine if he could have written that episode for TV instead of the comic book series…

Well, with these pictures, you won’t have to use your imagination much in answering those burning questions about Buffy’s hot babes and their possible Sapphic liasons.  As these images show, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charisma Carpenter, and some of the other Scooby Gang cuties do enjoy some muff-diving and box-munching now and then, in between their vampire-slaying duties back when they were still seeing each other regularly during the taping of the show.  Charisma and Gellar seem to be the two who enjoy these kinky trysts the most, with both participating in all of the lesbian sessions caught by these three photos.

Alyson Hanigan joins in on one Sapphic sex siesta, while Michelle Trachtenberg dildo fucks both Carpenter and Gellar to make one sizzling hot threesome.  Now this is what we’ve all been waiting for from these ladies, and even more dirty episodes like these are available when you click on this link, once you’ve finished creaming to the ones shown here…

Charisma Gets Hardcore With Some Guy

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Whoever this dude is, I’m totally jealous of him.  Charisma Carpenter split from her husband of five years in 2007, and I’m surprised they lasted that long, seeing as the guy was just a bellhop when he met Charisma.  Well, maybe she doesn’t care about the success of her significant other (a bonus for us), but only about his performance in bed.  Because these photos show that she’s not wasting any time in getting some hot n’ sweaty fucking, without any relationship needed to complicate things.  Yeah, Charisma Carpenter just wants some cock deep in her smooth cunny, pleasuring her while she tries to heat up her career once more.  We’ve got a suggestion for her, and that’s for her to do porn!  That way, she can get a lot of attention and publicity, while at the same time, get some really fantastic fucking into her life.  Don’t you think that’s a great idea?  I’m sure you do, and these pics show that Charisma would be great at it if she chose to do porn.  She obviously loves cock, so that ought to be the next step, logically.

Ah, but these Hollywood babes just don’t follow logic sometimes.  Still, Charisma Carpenter nude and doing dirty things isn’t something that doesn’t exist, and you can check her out fulfilling your fantasies there on that link back there, right now!